This article is about the porcelain cup used for tea in Player-owned houses. For the porcelain cup used in the Ghosts Ahoy quest, see Porcelain cup.

A Porcelain cup is an item used to make a cup of tea in the kitchen of a player-owned house. There is a white version allowing the player to temporarily boost Construction by 2 levels and a gold trimmed version allowing the player to boost by 3 levels. To obtain this item, players may take one from the unlimited stock on any mid or high level kitchen shelf. See the table below for specifics. This item can be used with a pot of tea creating a cup of tea. Complete directions on how to make tea can be found here.

Note: If a player leaves the house in any way, then this item will disappear from their inventory.

A cup comes in three different colours depending on the shelf that it was taken from. Despite the different types of teapots, the boost only depends on the type of cup used.

Tea cup Shelf (Construction level) Boost
Empty cup (Player-owned house) Clay empty cup Wooden shelves 1 (6)
Wooden shelves 2 (12)
Oak shelves 1 (34)
Porcelain cup (white) White porcelain cup Wooden shelves 3 (23)
Oak shelves 2 (45)
Teak shelves 1 (56)
Porcelain cup (gold) Gold trimmed porcelain cup Teak shelves 2 (67) +3
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