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Port Sarim
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Port Sarim Jail is a top security prison located in Port Sarim, commonly referred to as the worst jail in Gielinor. Players can be sent to the jail by Shantay if they twice refused to pay his fine of five coins after declaring to be an outlaw, though were able to escape quite easily by picking the lock or teleporting out.


Port Sarim Jail is home to many criminals and outlaws, all standing in their cells looking bored, or hopefully rethinking their lives.


Level 22 muggers are found in their cell and are good training for low-levelled mages and rangers.


In Dragon Slayer, players need to speak to Wormbrain to obtain the third map piece needed to sail to Crandor. Players have the choice of paying him 10,000 coins for the map piece or killing him and using the Telekinetic Grab spell (level 33 Magic) to get the map piece he drops.


The level 23 pirate is found in his cell in the jail, waiting faithfully for the moment when he will rule the seas once again. He is roomed with Cap'n Hand, who breaks the fourth wall by telling players that his cellmate isn't much use for a conversation, seeing as he does not have a talk-to option.

Black Knight

This level 48 Black Knight is identical to his counterparts in the Black Knights' Fortress, yet less fortunate to be found standing in jail. He is good experience for medium-levelled rangers and mages.


A man of no honour, this thief is the average level 22 version that can be found on the streets of southern Varrock.


"Carefully watching" over the jail is an unattackable guard.


  • When you talk to Cap'n Hand who's in the jail and choose the option "I'm leaving. Don't go anywhere" he starts to talk about his pirate friend that does not have a 'talk-to' option.
  • When you kill the Mugger roomed with Rick Turpentine, he'll cheer "Hahaha thanks!"
  • Cap'n Hand's name is a parody of Cap'n Hook, the pirate villain from Peter Pan.
  • When you talk to the sleeping jail guard, he will talk in his sleep and will say "Guh....Mwww...Zzzzz...," followed by"mmm donuts" then "mmm big pint of beer. kebab" which is most likely a reference to Homer Simpson.
  • Even though the prison guard is supposedly asleep, his eyes appear open.
  • The bald, masked mugger can be seen hitting the walls as if trying to find an escape route. It sometimes happens when he is in the centre of the room, making him look as if he is angry with someone.
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