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Portal Chamber built

A Portal Chamber fitted with marble portal frames.

A Portal Chamber is a room that can be built in a player-owned house. It requires level 50 Construction and costs 100,000 coins. Within a Portal Chamber, players can build portals that can teleport the player to various locations around RuneScape. The cost for building a portal is 100 times the rune cost for the teleport spell in question.

There are two types of hotspots inside the Portal Chamber:

  • Portal (3)
  • Centrepiece

Portal frames

All three portals function the same; the only difference between them is their appearance. Frames can be removed and then rebuilt, and the teleport destination will remain. A hammer and saw are required to build a portal.

Portal Image Level Materials Experience
Teak portal Teak portal icon 50 Teak plank x3 270
Mahogany portal Mahogany portal icon 65 Mahogany plank x3 420
Marble portal Marble portal icon 80 Marble block x3 1,500


A focal centrepiece is required for the player to direct the portals. The centerpiece can be removed and replaced without having to supply the runes for the portals again. The higher level Greater focus and Scrying pool are mostly for cosmetic purpose only, meaning just a Teleport focus will suffice for creating and using all portals. The Scrying pool can give you a preview of the teleport location, but note that a marble block costs 325,000 coins, so be frugal if you are already spending on Construction training.

Centrepiece Image Level Materials Experience
Teleport focus Teleport focus icon 50 Limestone brick x2 40
Greater teleport focus Greater teleport focus icon 65 Marble block x1 500
Scrying pool Scrying pool icon 80 Marble block x4 2,000

Directing a portal

Use the centrepiece to direct portals to a specific teleport destination. The table below shows the fourteen possible locations and their costs.

Directing portal

A player directing a portal to a specific location.


  • Assigning a portal to a teleport destination costs 100 times the runes for that particular teleport spell.
  • You do not need to be on the same spellbook as the teleport spell you are directing (e.g. you can direct a portal to Kharyrll, even if you are using the standard spellbook).
  • Combination runes and staves cannot be used.
  • Directing a portal requires the same Magic level and possible quest requirement as casting the teleport spell.
  • Boosts such as Wizard mind bombs and Magic potions can be used to temporarily increase your Magic level.
  • You do not have to be in building mode to direct a focus.
  • When directing portals, from facing the doorway, portal 1 is on your right, portal 2 is behind you, and portal 3 is on your left.
  • If you want to 'upgrade' your portal frames or centerpiece, you do not have to provide the runes for the teleport destinations again. The portal will automatically return as soon as you place the new portal frame.
Location Requirement Runes Total exchange price Portal colour
Magic Quest
Varrock Teleport icon Varrock


Magic icon 25 None 100Law rune100Fire rune300Air rune 18,600 Orange
Lumbridge Teleport icon Lumbridge Magic icon 31 None 100Law rune100Earth rune300Air rune 18,500 Blue
Falador Teleport icon Falador Magic icon 37 None 100Law rune100Water rune300Air rune 18,500 Purple
Camelot Teleport icon Camelot


Magic icon 45 None 100Law rune500Air rune 19,100 White
Ardougne Teleport icon Ardougne Magic icon 51 Plague City 200Law rune200Water rune 34,000 Red
Watchtower Teleport icon Watchtower

[3] (referred to in the interface as "Yanille")

Magic icon 58 Watchtower 200Law rune200Earth rune 34,000 Yellow-green
Senntisten Teleport icon Senntisten (Digsite) Magic icon 60 Desert Treasure 100Soul rune200Law rune 47,800 Dark green
Teleport to Ape Atoll icon Marim


Magic icon 64 Recipe for Disaster 200Law rune200Fire rune200Water rune100Banana 41,300 Yellow
Kharyrll Teleport icon Kharyrll (Canifis) Magic icon 66 Desert Treasure 100Blood rune200Law rune 69,900 Silver
Moonclan Teleport icon Lunar Isle Magic icon 69 Lunar Diplomacy 100Law rune200Astral rune200Earth rune 49,200 Lilac
Teleport to Kourend icon Great Kourend Magic icon 69 Read transportation incantations 200Soul rune200Law rune500Fire rune400Water rune 66,500 Teal
Waterbirth Teleport icon Waterbirth Island Magic icon 72 Lunar Diplomacy 100Law rune200Astral rune100Water rune 48,800 Bright green
Fishing Guild Teleport icon Fishing Guild Magic icon 85 Lunar Diplomacy 300Law rune300Astral rune1000Water rune 101,500 Bright blue
Annakarl Teleport icon Annakarl (Demonic Ruins) Magic icon 90 Desert Treasure 200Blood rune200Law rune 106,600 Black
Stony basalt Troll Stronghold


N/A Making Friends with My Arm 300Urt salt100Te salt100Basalt 82,700 Crimson
  1. Players who have completed the Medium Varrock Diary can switch the location of the teleport to the Grand Exchange by right-clicking the portal and changing the destination.
  2. Players who have completed the Hard Kandarin Diary can switch the location of the teleport to Seers' Village by right-clicking the portal and changing the destination.
  3. Players who have completed the Hard Ardougne Diary can switch the location of the teleport to Yanille by right-clicking the portal and changing the destination.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Bank notes for non-stackable items are accepted.


  • If you go through a portal while poisoned, you will be cured after you arrive at your location. This is not a glitch, as poison is always cured when leaving a player-owned house. This is to stop players from poisoning another player in the combat ring and then expelling them right before they die to steal their items.
  • Players can use a Spicy stew as a boost, giving them the ability to construct the Portal Chamber as low as 45 Construction with the +5 boost. Then the player can use the crystal saw (which allows you to build furniture up to three levels above your boosted level) to construct the teleport focus and up to three portals before the boost falls below 47.
  • When creating a portal, a player will get five times the Magic experience that would be gained from casting one teleport. For example, a Camelot teleport normally gives 55.5 experience, so a player will gain 277.5 experience for directing a portal there.
  • Building the same portal twice and switching the destination on one of them will cause both portals' destination to switch.
  • The Troll Stronghold teleport will teleport the player to entrance of the Troll Stronghold cave. If My Arm's Big Adventure and the Hard Fremennik Diary have been completed and the player has the 73 agility required to use the wall-climb shortcut to reach the Trollheim farming patch, the player will teleport the player to the top of the wall-climb shortcut instead.

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