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Flour is an ingredient that is used mainly in the Cooking skill. It can be used to produce several types of dough when combined with water.


Flour can be produced by players through a series of steps. First, the player must collect grain and place it into the hopper at the top of any windmill. Only one unit of grain can be put in the hopper at a time. Then, they can activate the hopper controls by a set of levers located near the hopper. This will open the grain chute, and the grain will slide down, be grinded up and turned to flour, collectable in the flour bin at the bottom. Using a pot, a player can collect the flour from the bin - simply click the bin and it will begin emptying loads of flour into pots in your inventory, depending on how much grain you turned to flour. Each bunch of grain produces one pot-full of flour, and the flour bin at the bottom can store a maximum of 30 before it needs emptying. Flour will remain in the bin until collected.


Flour, by itself, is not used in cooking. Rather, flour can be turned into dough by mixing a container of water with a pot of flour. There are multiple types of dough that can be created: bread dough, pastry dough, pizza dough, and pitta dough, each with its own respective food(s) that can be cooked from it.


Pots of flour can be bought from:

  1. Both Khazard General Stores
  2. Culinaromancer's Chest
  3. Hudo's Grand Tree Groceries
  4. Frenita's Cookery Shop
  5. Wydin's Food Store


An empty pot spawns in the Cooking Guild which contains a mill, though the guild requires 32 Cooking and a Chef's hat for entry.

Pots of flour can be obtained for free by searching an Oak larder (or a higher tier larder) in a Player-owned house. For members, this is significantly faster than creating flour from grain.

Quest usage

After starting the quest Murder Mystery, players can obtain as much flour as they require by using a pot with the cook's flour sack. As this is right by a sink and range, it is an excellent spot for turning Swamp tar into swamp paste.

It is one of the three required items for Cook's Assistant.

It is also needed for Prince Ali Rescue.