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This is the quick guide for Priest in Peril.
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Start point Speak to King Roald in the Varrock Palace. Speak to King Roald in the Varrock Palace.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Recently contact has been lost with the temple to Saradomin on Misthalins' Eastern border. King Roald would be very interested to know what has caused this lack of communication, and seeks an adventurer willing to report back to him on the situation.
Length Medium
Requirements Able to defeat a combat level 30 enemy without Magic.
Items required
Enemies to defeat


  • Speak to King Roald.(Chat 1)
  • Go to the temple east of Varrock by the river.
  • Right click knock on the door.(Chat 11)
  • Go north and climb down the trapdoor.
  • Kill the Temple Guardian. (magic attacks will not work)
  • Go back to King Roald and talk to him.
  • Take 25 Pure essence or Rune essence unnoted, a bucket and a weapon, 1 free inventory space.
  • Go back to the temple and open the door. Kill a level 30 Monk of Zamorak (The hooded ones) to get a Golden key.
  • Go up to the top floor and talk to Drezel(Chat 11) (talk-through the door).
  • Go back to the trapdoor and go past where the Temple Guardian was.
  • Study the monuments until you find one with a key.
  • Use the golden key on the monument.
  • Use the bucket on the well in the middle.
  • Go to the top floor of the temple.
  • Use the Iron key on the jail door.
  • Talk to Drezel.
  • Use the blessed bucket of water on the coffin.
  • Talk to Drezel
  • Go back to the monument room, proceed through the eastern door, and talk to Drezel.
  • Give him 50 unnoted Rune essence or Pure essence.
  • Quest Complete.

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