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Piscatoris Hunter Area
Western Sea Prifddinas Arandar
Elf Camp

Prifddinas is the northern area of the elven lands of Arandar. The city of Prifddinas was made accessible with the release of the Song of the Elves quest in July 2019. Prifddinas is surrounded by walls made from elven crystal. It is said to be the first RuneScape city ever built before the great God Wars. The elf crystal walls defended it. No other information about Prifddinas has been released.

Prifddinas was accessible during the first birthday event.


  • "Prifddinas" is Welsh for "Capital City".
  • The city of Prifddinas was released in RuneScape 3 in September 2014, nearly 5 years before its release in Old School RuneScape.
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