Prospector Percy's Nugget Shop is a clothing store owned by Prospector Percy. It only accepts Golden nuggets as currency. It is the only store that sells the prospector kit.

By talking to Prospector Percy and asking him if there's any other things you can unlock, he will reveal that for 100 golden nuggets and a level 72 Mining level (not boostable) you can use the upper section of the Motherlode Mine. For 200 golden nuggets you can get the larger sack upgrade, increasing the capacity of the sack at the end of the cleaning machine from 81 to 162.


These items can only be bought with golden nuggets.

Item Stock Price (in Golden nugget) Exp boost Boost per nugget
Prospector helmet Prospector helmet 100 40 0.4% 0.01%
Prospector jacket Prospector jacket 100 60 0.8% 0.013%
Prospector legs Prospector legs 100 50 0.6% 0.012%
Prospector boots Prospector boots 100 30 0.2% 0.007%
Coal bag Coal bag 1 100
Gem bag Gem bag 1 100
Soft clay pack Soft clay pack 1000 10
Bag full of gems Bag full of gems 100 40

If you choose to sell back Prospector items to the shop you will be refunded 80% of the golden nuggets.

380 nuggets are required to purchase all of the non-consumable items from the shop (180 for the prospector kit, 100 each for the coal bag and gem bag). Obtaining this many nuggets would require mining 13870 Pay-dirt on average.

From the 'Boost per nugget' section, you can see that some pieces are more efficient than others. Therefore in order to get the most out of your nuggets, it is highly recommended you save up, and obtain each piece in the following order: 1st - jacket, 2nd - legs, 3rd - helmet, 4th - boots.

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