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Pumpkins are the first holiday food rare and second holiday rare to be dropped, the first being the Scythe. Pumpkins can be obtained by completing one of the Hallowe'en holiday events that occur once per year. This also rewards the player with all other holiday items associated with Hallowe'en.

If you plan to sell your pumpkin, it is recommended that you put it in note form to avoid accidently eating it.

The pumpkin heals 14 hitpoints when eaten. Due to their price, it is not recommended to consume the pumpkins as they heal just as much as a swordfish which is much cheaper.

Throughout the summer of 2013, Jagex dropped specific rares for a week before moving on to other rares. During the week of 10 June, pumpkins were dropped at various locations, but only one at a time was dropped on every world. There was no red dot on the minimap. The pumpkin would remain on the ground for 30 minutes, or until a player picked it up, then it would respawn somewhere else in RuneScape.