Quest Classification
1Novice.png Novice
2Intermediate.png Intermediate
3Experienced.png Experienced
4Master.png Master
5Grandmaster.png Grandmaster
6Special.png Special

There is a total of 51 intermediate quests, 50 members and 1 free-to-play, in Old School RuneScape. Completing all free-to-play intermediate quests provides a total of 1 quest points. Completion of all the intermediate quests will reward the player a total of 88 quest points.

List of quests

Name Members Length Quest points Series
Cold War Medium-Long 1
The Hand in the Sand Medium 1
Spirits of the Elid Short/medium 2
Olaf's Quest Short-Long (depending on Agility level and luck) 1
Making History Long (Short with teleports) 3
Scorpion Catcher Medium (Short with teleports) 1
What Lies Below Medium (Short with teleports) 1
Tears of Guthix (quest) Very Short (2 minutes) 1
Mountain Daughter Medium 2
Shades of Mort'ton Short 3
Witch's House Short 4
Elemental Workshop II Medium 1
A Tail of Two Cats Long (25-35 minute wait for farm patch to grow) 2
Ratcatchers Medium - Very long (Preparing items and teleports ahead of time will save a significant amount of time. A cat saves you a lot of time too!) 2
The Feud Medium 1
Rag and Bone Man II Long 1
Sea Slug Short 1
Another Slice of H.A.M. Medium 1
Watchtower Long 4
The Eyes of Glouphrie Medium/Long 2
Forgettable Tale... Long (40+ minutes of waiting) 2
The Golem Medium 1
Creature of Fenkenstrain Medium 2
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Long 2
In Search of the Myreque Short 2
Big Chompy Bird Hunting Short 2
Death to the Dorgeshuun Medium 1
The Lost Tribe Medium 1
The Tourist Trap Medium 2
Enlightened Journey Short (Long if growing the tree yourself) 1
Darkness of Hallowvale Very Long 2
The Slug Menace Medium - Long 1
The Giant Dwarf Medium to Long 2
Zogre Flesh Eaters Medium 1
Shadow of the Storm Medium 1
My Arm's Big Adventure Medium 1
Wanted! Long 1
Icthlarin's Little Helper Medium / Long 2
Garden of Tranquillity Very long (must wait for several crops to grow) 2
Merlin's Crystal Medium (Short with teleports) 6
Ghosts Ahoy Medium-Long (without dyes/energy potions) 2
Bone Voyage Short-Medium 1
In Aid of the Myreque Long 2
Tree Gnome Village Short (with all items at the start, 10-15 minutes total depending on run energy) 2
Holy Grail Medium (Long without teleports) 2
The Dig Site Long 2
Waterfall Quest Medium-Long 1
The Knight's Sword Medium 1
Tribal Totem Short 1
The Fremennik Trials Long 3
Animal Magnetism Medium, long without necessary items 1

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