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{{QuestClass|align=right}}There is a total of 51 intermediate quests, 50 [[members]] and 1 [[free-to-play]], in [[Old School RuneScape]]. Completing all free-to-play intermediate quests provides a total of 1 quest points. Completion of all the intermediate quests will reward the player a total of 88 [[quest points]].
==List of quests==
namespace =
uses = Template:Infobox Quest
uses = Template:Quest rewards
category = Intermediate quests
order = ascending
notcategory = Future content
notcategory = Quick guides
include = {Infobox Quest}:name:members,{Quest details}:length,{Quest rewards}:qp,{Infobox Quest}:series
table = width="100%" class="wikitable lighttable sortable autosort=1²{comma}²a" | ,-,Name,Members,Length,Quest points,Series
tablerow = data-sort-value="²{#dplreplace:²{#dplreplace:%PAGE%|A\s|}²|The\s|}²"|[[%PAGE%]],%%,data-sort-value="²{#switch:%%|Short=1|Short – Medium=2|Short – Long=3|Medium=4|Medium – Long=5|Long=6|Very long=7}²"|%%,%%,²{#ifeq:%%|None|{{NA}}|%%}²
==See also==
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[[Category:Intermediate quests]]

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