Quest Classification
1Novice Novice
2Intermediate Intermediate
3Experienced Experienced
4Master Master
5Grandmaster Grandmaster
6Special Special

There is a total of 11 master members quest, in Old School RuneScape. Completion of all the master quests will reward the player a total of 24 quest points.

List of quests

Name Members Length Quest points Series
Contact! Yes Medium 1 Desert
Desert Treasure Yes Long 3 The Return of Zaros and Mahjarrat
Dream Mentor Yes Short to Medium 2 Fremennik
Grim Tales Yes Medium 1 N/A
Legends' Quest Yes Very Long; May take several hours to complete. 4 Karamja, Guild
Making Friends with My Arm Yes Medium 2 Troll
Monkey Madness I Yes Long 3 Gnome, Monkey
Mourning's Ends Part I Yes Long to Very Long 2 Elf
Mourning's Ends Part II Yes Very Long 2 Elf
Regicide Yes Long 3 Elf
Roving Elves Yes Short-Medium 1 Elf, Gnome
Swan Song Yes Medium 2 Wise Old Man

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