Quest Classification
1Novice Novice
2Intermediate Intermediate
3Experienced Experienced
4Master Master
5Grandmaster Grandmaster
6Special Special

There are a total of 42 novice quests, 25 members and 17 free-to-play, in Old School RuneScape. Completing all free-to-play novice quests provides a total of 37 quest points. Completion of all the novice quests will reward the player with a total of 78 quest points.

List of quests

Name Members Length Quest points Series
A Soul's Bane Medium 1
Biohazard Medium 3
Black Knights' Fortress Short 3
Client of Kourend Medium 1
Clock Tower Short 1
Cook's Assistant Short 1
Death Plateau Medium 1
Demon Slayer Medium 3
Doric's Quest Short 1
Druidic Ritual Short 4
Dwarf Cannon Short 1
Eagles' Peak Medium 2
Elemental Workshop I Short 1
Ernest the Chicken Short 4
Fishing Contest Short 1
Gertrude's Cat Short 1
Goblin Diplomacy Short 5
Hazeel Cult Short 1
Imp Catcher Short 1
Jungle Potion Short – Medium 1
Misthalin Mystery Medium 1
Monk's Friend Very Short (5 minutes) 1
Murder Mystery Short 3
Nature Spirit Medium 2
Observatory Quest Short – Medium 2
Pirate's Treasure Short 2
Plague City Short 1
Priest in Peril Medium 1
Prince Ali Rescue Short 3
Rag and Bone Man Medium 1
Recruitment Drive Short 1
Romeo & Juliet Short 5
Rune Mysteries Short 1
Sheep Herder Short 4
Sheep Shearer Short 1
Shield of Arrav Medium 1
Tale of the Righteous Medium 1
The Corsair Curse Short 2
The Depths of Despair Short 1
The Queen of Thieves Short 1
The Restless Ghost Short 1
Tower of Life Medium 2
Vampire Slayer Short 3
Witch's Potion Short 1

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