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A quick guide gives a brief summary of the steps needed to complete a quest whilst still helping players advance through it. Quick guides should leave out any details that aren't required to complete the quest such as lore and storylines.

Boss tactics, fighting tips, and shortcuts may be included but should be as short as possible. Shortcuts do not include means of travel such as the canoe system, hot-air balloons, etc. Telling players how to get to a location is, in most cases, unnecessary unless the quest requires going to a specific destination that was previously inaccessible, or the quest requires a specific means of arriving at a destination.

Images within quick guides should be used sparingly and only if they would definitely benefit from being there.

All quick guides should end with the phrase Quest complete! as the final bullet.

In essence, quick guides should be short and to the point but should also not leave players in the dust.

Quests which have quick guides

There are currently 142 quick guides on the Old School RuneScape Wiki

Quests which do not have quick guides

There are currently 22 quest pages without quick guides on the Old School RuneScape Wiki