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Rada's census is a book found in the Arceuus House Library in Great Kourend. Customers in the library may ask the player to provide the book for them, after which the player is rewarded with 2.5% Arceuus House favour and a book of arcane knowledge. The location of the book is random, and changes every 80-100 minutes.

If the book is dropped inside the Library, it will disappear. This is most likely to prevent the player from obtaining multiple copies in order to gain favour quicker by having the book readily available after a customer asks for it.


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By the command of His Royal Highness King Rada III, here follows the complete census of the skilled peoples, animals and estates of the Lords of the settlement of Kourend.

Lord Rasmus Arceuus II

Sp. Lady Rusena
Mst Pecule
Mst Gro'an

14 acres
17 dwellings
1 municipal hall
1 temple

2 dzn cows
17 pigs

Skilled inhabitants
24 scribes
13 wood turners
4 master builders

Lord Lorenz Lovakengj II

Sp. Lady Arametta
Mst Svelgn

18 acres (6 of which are a mine)
5 dwellings
7 forges

7 cows
2 pigs

Skilled inhabitants
1 farrier
21 master stone masons
13 master blacksmiths

Lord Ferral Piscarilius II

Sp. Lady Garanta

3 Acres
21 dwellings
1 Inn

7 pigs

Skilled inhabitants
38 master fishermen
7 master shipwrights

Lord Draben Shayzien II

Sp. Lady Chine
Mst Seabry
Ms Seaette
Ms Seatelle

12 acres
1 great hall
32 temporary dwellings

13 cows
12 Pigs

Skilled inhabitants
41 knights
84 sergeant-at-arms

Lord Horatio Hosidius II

Sp. Lady Noretta
Mst Horatio

76 Acres
31 dwellings
3 breweries
1 grape house
1 manor

171 cows
65 pigs

Skilled inhabitants
16 master farmers

As proclaimed by the Census General Mattias Vorseth by appointment to His Most Gracious Royal Highness King Rada III.

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