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Ramara du Croissant is a woman who is currently living and working at the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, in the metal-working shed, in the northernmost reaches of the kingdom of Kandarin. She was born in East Ardougne, where she learned to be a baker.

Ramara has a distinct accent, although, according to her fellow colonist George Laxmeister, she was born in urban Ardougne. Her father, a baker in Ardougne market, taught her to speak with a fake accent, as he felt shoppers would think the baked goods of higher quality if made by a foreigner. For most of her early life, she learned to bake and work at her father's market stall.

As she reached adulthood, Ramara realised she had no passion to bake for her father. The city's high crime rate meant that the stall's profits were low, and she found she was spending long hours baking and doing her father's accounting. Looking for adventure, she found work in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, where former Ardougnite Herman Caranos had established a successful monkfish-catching industry.

Ramara found that she loved both fishing and the ocean, and today still works in the Colony. Despite a recent problem involving a sea troll attack, Ramara has no intention of leaving.

Ramara can currently be found in the Colony's metal-working shed, where she will tell players a bit about her life.

Treasure Trails

Ramara is the solution to the hard anagram clue: ARR! SO I AM A CRUST, AND?. She will give you a puzzle box.


  • The name Ramara du Croissant is based on Mod Ash's wife's old RuneScape name.[1]


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