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Ranarr weed detail.png

Ranarr weed is a herb that can be cleaned at level 25 Herblore. It is the fifth lowest level herb available, yet is one of the most valuable herbs in the game, as it's widely used in the Herblore skill to make prayer potions when combined with snape grass. It can also be combined with white berries to make defence potions, although this is a major loss of money, since ranarr weeds are so valuable.

Due to its value, this herb is often grown by players with level 32 in Farming by planting ranarr seeds in the various herb patches throughout RuneScape, and so ranarr seeds are often in high demand as a result. However, it is also an uncommon drop from various monsters.


Potion/item Level Second
XP Effect/usage
Defence potion(3).png Defence potion

Herblore icon.png30

White berries 75 It boosts a player's Defence level by 10% plus 3 per dose
Prayer potion(3).png Prayer potion

Herblore icon.png38

Snape grass 87.5 Each dose restores prayer points rounded down using this formula, where x is equal to your Prayer level: