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}}[[File:Ranarr weed detail.png|left|170px]]
}}[[File:Ranarr weed detail.png|left|170px]]
'''Ranarr weed''' is a dank [[herb]]. You can roll it into a joint and smoke it.
'''Ranarr weed''' is a [[herb]] that can be cleaned at level 25 [[Herblore]]. It is the fifth lowest level herb available, yet is one of the most valuable herbs in the game, as it's widely used in the Herblore skill to make [[prayer potion]]s when combined with [[snape grass]]. It can also be combined with [[white berries]] to make [[defence potion]]s, although this is a major loss of money, since ranarr weeds are so valuable.
Due to its value, this herb is often grown by players with level 32 in [[Farming]] by planting [[ranarr seed]]s in the various [[herb patch]]es throughout ''[[RuneScape]],'' and so r[[Ranarr seed|anarr seed]]s are often in high demand as a result. However, it is also an uncommon drop from various monsters.

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Ranarr weed detail.png

Ranarr weed is a dank herb. You can roll it into a joint and smoke it.


Potion/item Level Second
XP Effect/usage
Defence potion(3).png Defence potion

Herblore icon.png30

White berries 75 It boosts a player's Defence level by 10% plus 3 per dose
Prayer potion(3).png Prayer potion

Herblore icon.png38

Snape grass 87.5 Each dose restores prayer points rounded down using this formula, where x is equal to your Prayer level:


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