The Rat & Bat is the bar located in south-east Slepe. This bar does not sell ordinary beer, however it does sell bloody bracers for the price of 99 coins. It is the only bar where bloody bracers can be acquired.

According to Carl, the previous barkeep had to leave due to his fear of being infected by the plague and turning into a sleeper.


  • The bar is a reference to the television series How I Met Your Mother, in which the names of the three patrons in the bar (Yenrab, Erodoeht and Lahsram) spelled backwards is Barney, Theodore and Marshall, who are the three main characters of the series. In addition, the bartender is named Carl, who is also the name of the bartender of MacLaren's Pub, the pub where the three characters often meet.
  • The upper level of the bar cannot be accessed, as the ladder is behind the bar counter. However, the upper level can be seen from the 1st floor[?] of the church by using an oculus orb, which appears to be a small bedroom with a narrow balcony.

The bar's upper level.

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