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This article is about raw bass. For the cooked form, see Bass.

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A raw bass can be caught by players with a Fishing level of 46 or higher using a big fishing net at a Net/Harpoon fishing spot. Doing so yields 100 Fishing experience per bass caught. They can be cooked into bass with a Cooking level of 43.

It is also possible for players to catch a big bass which can be stuffed by the taxidermist in Canifis and subsequently displayed in the Skill Hall of one's player-owned house.

Players wearing an activated ring of charos can trade a raw bass to the Fossegrimen located at her sacrifice altar south of Rellekka as a replacement for a raw shark to enchant their lyre.

Bass are not frequently fished, as it is a bit unpredictable as to how many the player will get in one haul, and are frequently caught with items like caskets and seaweed.

Fishing locations

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
King Sand Crab 107 1 2; Common
Giant Rock Crab 137 1 2; Common
Blue dragon 111 1 3; Uncommon
Sea Snake Hatchling 62 2 3; Uncommon
Sea Snake Young 90 2 3; Uncommon
Giant Sea Snake 149 2 3; Uncommon
Scarab mage 93 24 (noted) 3; Uncommon
Locust rider 98 24 (noted) 3; Uncommon


  • While most species of bass have dark colouration, usually in shades of green and grey, the bass caught in Old School RuneScape have a pinkish tint in their scales.
  • Previously, the High Level Alchemy value of raw bass was 72. This was changed to 24 in an update on 20 September 2018.