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Raw bear meat detail.png

Raw bear meat can be obtained by killing any bear. It is dipped in the Cauldron of Thunder during the Druidic Ritual quest. It can be cooked at level 1 Cooking. After successfully cooking it, it will simply be Cooked meat, burning it will result in Burnt meat (Burning can be achieved at any level by cooking it twice). The Raw bear meat can also be made into Sinew at level 1 Cooking by using it on a range. When eaten it will heal a small sum of 3 Hitpoints.

Bears can be found throughout RuneScape, mainly in woodland areas such as near Castle Wars, south of Yanille and in a cage in Varrock castle. To get to this a player must go through the Varrock sewers. A single black bear can be found south of the South-east Varrock mining site, along with two unicorns. Another good place to kill bears is north-east of Ardougne , near the Legends' Guild .

Members can make wild pie by clicking a pie dish with raw bear meat. Making wild pie requires 85 cooking.