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|name = Raw chicken
|name = Raw chicken
|image = [[File:Raw_chicken.png]]
|image = [[File:Raw_chicken.png]]

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Raw chicken detail
A Raw chicken is an uncooked food item.Players can obtain one by killing a chicken or a rooster.

Players can turn a raw chicken into a cooked chicken by using it on a fire or a range. Doing so requires only level 1 Cooking, and grants 30 experience points.

These are popular amongst new players, since any player can attempt to cook them (although players with low Cooking levels risk producing a burnt chicken). Chickens are also found around Lumbridge, and are easy to kill.

Once a Players Cooking Level reaches 31, they stop burning chickens.

Use in Quests

During Recipe for disaster, a player needs a raw chicken to access the lair of the evil chicken. The player needs the raw chicken to access the lair even after the quest. This allows a player to fight Black dragons and Baby black dragons.

Raw chicken is also needed in Eadgar's Ruse – 5 chickens are needed as part of making a fake man, which is needed to fool the trolls.

Raw chicken is also needed in Druidic Ritual.

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