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This article is about raw dark crab. For the cooked version, see Dark crab.

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A raw dark crab is a members-only fish found in the Wilderness. Dark crabs require a Fishing level of at least 85 and give 130 experience per catch. A lobster pot is used to catch dark crabs, along with dark fishing bait. Dark fishing bait can be obtained as a drop from various monsters in the Wilderness or bought from other players and the Grand Exchange.

They require a Cooking level of at least 90 to cook and give 215 Cooking experience per fish. It is advised to always cook raw dark crabs with Cooking gauntlets equipped due to their high burn rate, as they are still possible to burn even at 99 Cooking (and with the +5 boost from Chef's Delight). Wearing a Cooking skill cape, however, will ensure 100% cook-success rate due to its perk.

Completion of the Wilderness Elite diary will reward the player with a higher success rate when trying to catch raw dark crabs.

Fishing locations

There are only two locations at which dark crabs can be caught:

  • Wilderness: North-eastern coast, south of the fence containing the deep Wilderness.
  • Resource Area: These fishing spots will never move or disappear.


Tools/Utensils Lobster pot and Dark fishing bait
Ingredients Raw dark crab
Fishing icon.png Level 85
Fishing Method Caging
Fishing Spot Resource Area, Wilderness
Fishing icon.png Experience 130
Cooking icon.png Level 90
Level at which it stops burning Never (unless wearing a Cooking skill cape)
Cooking icon.png Experience 215
Range Only? No
Instructions Use the raw dark crab with a fire or range.
Servings 1