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Raw rabbit is a meat item with a 100% drop rate from the rabbits found in Isafdar and on Miscellania, as well as hunted from the Piscatoris Hunter area. This meat may be cooked or roasted, added raw to make a Wild pie.

The meat may be skewered on an iron spit to make skewered rabbit, which can then be roasted on a fire to make roasted rabbit. Although roasting is preferred, cooking a raw rabbit over a fire or a range requires level 1 Cooking, and makes cooked rabbit, yielding 30 experience.


Wild rabbits may be found in Isafdar and Miscellania, and will drop this meat on death. You may also find rabbits wandering around the Enchanted Valley (Fairy code BKQ). These rabbits will not display a level in the right-click options, but they have exactly 1 hitpoint. White rabbits are found in Piscatoris and will drop raw rabbit meat (along with hunter-specific items) when caught.

Players are able to purchase Raw rabbit for 67 coins at any of the Trader Stan's Trading Posts with a stock of 20.