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Raw rat meat is usually obtained by killing a Giant rat. It can be cooked on a range or on a fire. It requires level 1 Cooking to be turned into Cooked meat, granting 30 Cooking experience if successful. It is one of the four raw meats needed in the Druidic Ritual quest. It can be used as bait when trapping Sabre-toothed kebbits. Raw rat meat can be bought from Rufus in Canifis.

If looking for a Giant rat to kill, level 2 Giant rats are common in Lumbridge Swamp and always drop Raw rat meat. The level 6 Giant rat in Lumbridge Swamp, the Giant rat near the mine south-east of Varrock and the Giant rats in the Stronghold of Security rarely drop rat meat.

Raw rat meat is always dropped by Brine rats, and brine rats sometimes drop 18 noted Raw rat meat.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Brine rat 70 1 1; Always
Dungeon rat 12 1 1; Always
Giant rat 3 1 1; Always