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This article is about raw shrimps. For the cooked form, see Shrimps.

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Raw shrimps (irregular plural of Shrimp) are, with a required Fishing level 1, the first fish that players can catch by using the small fishing net on a net fishing spot, granting 10 experience per catch. They can be cooked into shrimps at level 1 Cooking. Raw shrimps can be used as a source of food for a growing kitten.

Tools/Utensils Small fishing net
Ingredients Raw shrimp
Fishing icon.png Level 1
Fishing Method Net
Fishing Spot Net/Bait
Fishing icon.png Experience 10
Cooking icon.png Level 1
Level at which it stops burning 33 (35 on fire)
Cooking icon.png Experience 30 (33 on fire)
Range Only? No
Instructions Use raw shrimp with a fire or range.
Servings 1