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This article is about raw Swordfish. For the cooked form, see Swordfish.

Raw swordfish detail.png

A raw swordfish is a type of fish that players can catch at level 50 Fishing.

Catching a swordfish grants 100 Fishing experience. Fishing for swordfish takes a longer amount of time than lobsters because Tuna is caught along with it. Free players fishing on Karamja generally drop their tuna (often cooking it first for the experience), but the members-only fishing spots in Catherby, Piscarilius HouseJatizso and the Fishing Guild are close enough to banks that it is actually faster for players to bank the raw tuna than to drop it. Cooking Swordfish will grant 140 experience.

Raw swordfish can be fished from the sea with a harpoon. When harpoon fishing, it is very likely that more tuna will be caught than swordfish at levels below 60.

Barbarian fishing is another possible option when fishing for swordfish. Hand fishing gives an extra 10 Strength experience for each swordfish, and requires level 70 Fishing and level 50 Strength.

Lucky players may also receive a big swordfish while fishing. These are hung up in a Skill Hall in player-owned houses for those with level 56 Construction or above.

Five raw swordfish can be obtained when opening the crystal chest.

Tools/Utensils Harpoon, bare hands
Ingredients Raw swordfish
Fishing icon.png Level 50 (70 with 50 Strength icon.png for Barbarian Fishing)
Fishing Method Harpoon (none needed when Barbarian Fishing)
Fishing Spot Cage/Harpoon or Harpoon/Net
Fishing icon.png Experience 100
Cooking icon.png Level 45
Level at which it stops burning 86 (81 with Cooking gauntlets)
Cooking icon.png Experience 140
Range Only? No
Instructions Use raw swordfish with a fire or range.
Servings 1