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This article is about raw tuna. For the cooked version, see Tuna.

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Raw tuna is a type of fish, obtained by harpoon Fishing at a cage/harpoon fishing spot. Raw tuna require 35 Fishing to catch and award the player 80 experience when caught. They can be sold, or cooked with a Cooking level of 30 to produce tuna, granting 100 experience in Cooking. They are often used by mid-levelled players when training combat.

Raw tuna can also be bought from Flosi Dalksson in Jatizso or thieved from the Fish Stall in Rellekka, requiring a Thieving level of 42.

Tools/Utensils Harpoon, bare hands
Ingredients Raw tuna
Fishing icon.png Level 35 (55 with 35 Strength icon.png for Barbarian Fishing)
Fishing Method Harpoon (none needed when Barbarian Fishing)
Fishing Spot Cage/Harpoon
Fishing icon.png Experience 80
Cooking icon.png Level 30
Level at which it stops burning 63 on range with Cooking gauntlets, 64 on range, or 66 on fire
Cooking icon.png Experience 100
Range Only? No
Instructions Use raw tuna with fire or range.
Servings 1