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{{Otheruses|raw tuna|the cooked version|Tuna}}
|exchange = gemw
|name = Raw tuna
|image = [[File:Raw tuna.png]]
|release = 11 June [[2001]]
|update = New fishing skill and more cooking
|members = No
|quest = No
|tradeable = Yes
|stackable = No
|equipable = No
|edible = No
|high = 24
|low = 16
|destroy = Drop
|store = 110
|seller = Flosi Dalksson
|examine = I should try cooking this.
|weight = 0.4
[[File:Raw tuna detail.png|left|100px]]
'''Raw tuna''' is a type of fish, obtained by harpoon [[Fishing]] at a cage/harpoon [[fishing spot]]. Raw tuna require 35 Fishing to catch and award the player 80 [[experience]] when caught. They can be sold, or cooked with a [[Cooking]] level of 30 to produce [[tuna]], granting 100 experience in Cooking. They are often used by mid-levelled players when training [[combat]].
Raw tuna can also be bought from [[Flosi Dalksson]] in [[Jatizso]] or thieved from the Fish Stall in Rellekka, requiring a [[Thieving]] level of 42.
{{Cooking table
|tools = [[Harpoon]], [[Barbarian Training#Bare-Handed Fishing|bare hands]]
|ingredients = Raw tuna
|fishing level = 35 (55 with 35 {{scm|Strength}} for [[Barbarian Fishing]])
|fishing method = Harpoon (none needed when [[Barbarian Fishing]])
|fishing spot = Cage/Harpoon
|fishing exp = 80
|cooking level = 30
|noburnlevel = 63 on range with [[Cooking gauntlets]], 64 on range, or 66 on fire
|cooking exp = 100
|range = No
|instructions = Use raw tuna with fire or range.
|servings = 1}}
*Previously, the [[High Level Alchemy]] value of raw tuna was 60. This was changed to 24 in [[Update:Deadman Experience Cap Increase and Quality of Life Changes|an update]] on 20 September [[2018]].

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