Healthy Afflicted

Razmire Keelgan chathead.png
Afflicted Razmire chathead.png

Razmire Keelgan is located at Mort'ton and runs both the general store and the building supplies. He is afflicted at first, but he can be cured either by using Serum 207 (temporarily) or Serum 208 (permanently) on him. He also plays a role in the Shades of Mort'ton quest.


  • Even if players have used Serum 208 on Razmire, Razmire will appear afflicted after a short period of time. Once the player talks to him again, he will revert to his healthy appearance.
  • If players use a Serum 207 that was made by another player Razmire will revert to a human long enough to tell the player that the potion isn't "fresh" and will last longer if the player made one. After the conversation dialog he will turn afflicted again and players will be unable to trade with him until the player uses a potion they created on Razmire.

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