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Reanimate Abyssal Creature requires a Magic level of 85 and an ensouled abyssal head to cast. This spell will summon a reanimated abyssal with 35 hitpoints. As with its animated counterpart, this creature still requires 85 Slayer to damage.

Upon killing the reanimated abyssal players will gain 1,300 prayer experience and 0.5% favour towards the Arceuus House. Also can be killed on an abyssal demon slayer task.

The spell can be cast anywhere across Gielinor only if the ensouled head is obtained as a drop from the respective monster, and using it within a certain time frame in the area it was killed in.

Players who do the following will have to cast the reanimation spells within range of the Dark Altar:

  • Obtaining ensouled heads via trading with other players
  • Teleporting away after obtaining the ensouled head as a drop
  • Waiting too long before casting the spell within the area where the ensouled head was obtained


Spell cost
4Soul rune.png4Nature rune.png1Blood rune.png1,819