This article is about the monster. For the spell, see Reanimate Dragon.

A Reanimated dragon can be spawned with the spell Reanimate Dragon. It can be reanimated where it was killed, but a player can only reanimate the ensouled head that they loot themselves. If a player teleports or trades the ensouled head, it must be reanimated by the Dark Altar. The player must also find an area large enough for the dragon. Once killed, it will give the player 1,560 Prayer experience.

Players are advised to bring some sort of dragonfire protection or make use of safespots as the dragon is capable of using dragonfire.

When using a stab weapon against this creature, its Defence level is calculated to be approximately 109 (95% confidence interval 97-122), assuming a defensive bonus of 0. When using a stab weapon, it has a slightly higher defence roll than a Green dragon.

Reanimated dragon training. If using a cannon, use the two yellow squares to ensure double cannon hits. If not using a cannon, use all four coloured squares. Note that north should point downward when using a cannon in order to be able to click on the Reanimated dragons and cannon effectively.

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