Recharge Dragonstone is a Lunar spell, requiring level 89 magic, which recharges all enchanted dragonstone jewellery to (4), excluding the ring of wealth, which must be recharged at the Fountain of Rune. Casting the spell will recharge all enchanted dragonstone jewellery the player has in their inventory. In order to cast this spell the player must have completed all of the Fremennik Diary Hard tasks.

Profit \ Loss

  • This is calculated under the premise that you buy materials at medium ge price (26 of dragonstone items per inv), use water staff, and sell back at medium price.
  • Players should be aware that ge prices might change anytime causing them to profit or lose more money than this table shows.
Icon Name Material Required Material Cost (26 per inventory) Profit \ Loss
Dragonstone amulet Amulet of glory > Glory amulet(4) 1Soul rune2Astral runeAmulet of glory 312,646 2,188
Combat bracelet Combat bracelet > Combat bracelet(4) 1Soul rune2Astral runeCombat bracelet 319,250 13,524
Skills necklace Skills necklace > Skills necklace(4) 1Soul rune2Astral runeSkills necklace 311,476 7,466


Spell cost
4Water rune1Soul rune1Astral rune321
Combo runes
1Soul rune1Astral rune4Mud rune1,277
1Soul rune1Astral rune4Steam rune577
1Soul rune1Astral rune4Mist rune953
1Soul rune1Astral runeStaff of water305
1Soul rune1Astral runeMist battlestaff305
1Soul rune1Astral runeKodai wand305
1Soul rune1Astral runeMud battlestaff305
1Soul rune1Astral runeSteam battlestaff305

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