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Start point Quest point icon Inspect the Lumbridge Guide.
Official difficulty Special
Description You need a cake of guidance to protect the Lumbridge Guide. Wizard Traiborn in the Wizards' Tower can teach you how to make one.
Length Short
Items required


Enemies to defeat None


After inspecting the frozen Lumbridge Guide, talk to Wizard Traiborn on the 1st floor[?] of the Wizards' Tower. (Code: dis) All of the required items can be bought from the Culinaromancer's Chest!


Traiborn chathead
Recipe for Disaster egg quiz

The egg quiz.

You must pass a short quiz to get your egg enchanted. You will be shown an NPC that you've seen in one of the required quests, then will be asked who it is. Answer correctly three times to get the egg enchanted.

Some of the people:


You will be asked a general question about RuneScape. Answer three correctly to get it enchanted.

Some of the questions:

  • Combat level of Goblins near Lumbridge - 2
  • Defence requirements to wear a Mystic hat - 20
  • Glass vial is to 33 as a glass orb is to - 46
  • Gold ring is to 5 as a holy symbol is to - 16
  • Guild closest to Fishing Platform - Legends'
  • How much GP does it take to bribe a guard at the toll gate to Al Kharid prior to earning their trust? - 10
  • I can hear howling in one direction and buzzing in the other—where am I? - Catherby
  • If I'm going to need glass, first I will need - Sand, bucket, soda ash, glassblowing pipe
  • I'm in a bar west of Pollnivneach. Where am I? - Bandit Camp
  • Take the number of fire runes required to cast Fire Strike, and multiply by the number of air runes used to cast Wind Strike before adding the number of earth runes used to cast Earth Wave. What do you get? - 10
  • The River Salve runs from - North to south
  • What doesn't lie between Morytania and Asgarnia? - Keep Le Faye
  • What Ingredients are used in a cake? - Flour, egg, milk
  • Which tower is closest to the Crafting Guild - Dark Wizards' Tower


Recipe for Disaster Lumbridge Guide flour quiz

The flour quiz.

You must pass a memory test. You will be shown ten items, then must answer a question about them. Answer three correctly to get enchanted flour. When answering the questions, don't use the ESC key to close the interface as it will reset that portion of the test.

Note: Taking a picture with the snipping tool, or print screen function may be helpful.

Use any ingredient on the cake tin to automatically prepare the cake for baking. Cook the tin on the range in Lumbridge castle to create the cake, and give it to the frozen guide.


Recipe for Disaster (Freeing the Lumbridge Guide) reward scroll

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