Red salamander

The red salamander is a creature that can be obtained using the Hunter skill, at level 59. Once collected, it becomes a red salamander weapon in your inventory, for use with the Ranged skill. Red salamanders do not stack within your inventory.


Hunting red salamanders requires one rope and one small fishing net per trap. The location allows for four traps to be easily managed at a time. Remember that 60 Hunter is required to have four traps set up simultaneously.

To set the trap, just click the "set-trap" option on a young tree while you have the required materials (rope and a small fishing net) in your inventory.

Each red salamander grants 272 experience, which is more experience than red chinchompas. Because of this, many players choose to catch red salamanders until level 80. If you're more interested in making money than experience, switching to red chinchompas at level 63 is advisable.

Red salamander do not generally sell well, so many players opt to just catch and release them. The closest bank is located at Castle Wars.


Red salamander location

Red salamanders are found north of Castle Wars, near the Ourania Altar. This hunter area is west of the Gnome-Khazard Battlefield.

One of the better spots can be seen on the lower right image. A 4th trap can be put after reaching level 60. The 4th spot should only be interacted with if you feel you are going to idle for a bit whilst waiting for the main 3 traps to succeed.

Red salamander spot
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