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A Redberry pie is a pie found in Old School RuneScape that can be baked with the Cooking skill at level 10. The recipe for a redberry pie contains redberries added into a pie shell.


Redberry pie is a food item that is eaten in two slices, healing 5 hitpoints each slice (for a total of 10 hitpoints per pie).

Redberry pies can be purchased from Romily Weaklax for as low as 12 coins at the Cooks' Guild.

A redberry pie is used in The Knight's Sword quest as a "present" for Thurgo the dwarf who lives near Mudskipper Point.


To cook this dish, you will need redberries and pastry dough. You prepare the food with a pie dish, and you cook the pie on a range. The cooking level is 10, cooking experience is 78.

  1. Use pastry dough > pie dish (becomes a pie shell)
  2. Use redberries > pie shell (becomes Uncooked berry pie)
  3. Cook on a range (Use uncooked redberry pie > range). Will either become a redberry pie (edible) or a burnt pie (non-edible; can be emptied to reuse pie dish).

This recipe yields 2 servings.