Redberry pie is used in The Knight's Sword quest, as a "present" given to the dwarf found on the peninsula southeast of Rimmington, and southwest of Port Sarim.

A player may cook a redberry pie once they are level 10 in cooking. To cook a redberry pie, a player must get some grain and turn it into flour at a mill. The flour must be gathered with a pot then mixed with water to make (pastry) dough. Then a player must obtain a pie dish and use the pie dough with it to make a pie shell. The player must find redberries and put them into the pie shell to make uncooked berry pie. Upon cooking it, provided the player succeeded, the player recieves 72 cooking experience.

The redberry pie heals 5 hitpoints when a slice is consumed.

Ingredients List

Tools/Utensils Pie dish
Ingredients Redberries, pastry dough
Cooking icon Level 10
Cooking icon Experience 72
Level at which it stops burning 50
Range Only? Yes


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