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Regen bracelet detail.png

The regen bracelet is an enchanted bracelet that is worn in the glove slot. It is created by casting Lvl-6 Enchant on an onyx bracelet, requiring 87 Magic and grants 97 magic experience.

When worn, it doubles the natural recharge rate of Hitpoints, healing 2HP per minute instead of the standard 1HP per minute. The effect of the regen bracelet will stack with either the Rapid Heal Prayer or with the Hitpoints cape (which do not stack with each other). Using either of these in conjunction with a regen bracelet will quadruple the rate of HP regeneration. This is a very helpful perk for people who are fighting NPCs that deal low amounts of damage, allowing wearers to bank less and rely on fewer outside sources of healing.

Originally the bracelet had no stats; this was changed in an update on 1 May 2014. It now surpasses the combat bracelet and mithril gloves as the best-in-slot melee item for 1 Defence pures.