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Relicym's balm is made by mixing Rogue's purse and Snake weed in a Vial of water, giving 40 Herblore experience. It requires level 8 Herblore and completion of the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest to the point where Sithik Ints tells the player how to cure the Zogre disease.

Players may purchase 3 dose potions from Uglug Nar for 200 coins once they've learned how to make the potion. To open Uglug Nar's store, simply give him a 3 or 4 dose Relicym's balm potion, for which he will pay 650 or 1000 gold respectively. Note that Uglug will buy these potions from players for 120 gold as well if he has none in stock, but it must be a 3 dose potion for him to make an offer.

To cure disease, multiple doses of Relicym's balm must be drunk, each dose weakening the strength of disease. This potion does not offer any temporary immunity against disease unlike Sanfew serum. It is seldom used for this reason. If you add roe to a 2 dose potion it will become a 2 dose Relicym's balm mix, which heals 3 Hitpoints, adding caviar will increase the health gain to 6 Hitpoints.

Relicym's balm is the preferred weapon to use against orange Broodoo victims during the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame, as it can deal over 25 damage to them.


Relicym's balm(3).png Relicym's balm
Herblore icon.png Store value Alchemy value -
40 XP - 120 -
Herblore.png Herblore level 8
Rogue's purse potion (unf).png Rogue's purse potion (unf) 1
Snake weed.png Snake weed 1