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|name = Rellekka
|image = [[File:Rellekka.png|300px]]
|AKA = Relly
|release = 2 November [[2004]]
|update = The Fremennik Trials
|members = Yes
|kingdom = [[Fremennik Province]]
|bank = 0
|music = [[Rellekka (music track)|Rellekka]]
|leader = [[Brundt the Chieftain]]
|tele = [[House Teleport]] (if house is in Rellekka),<br />[[Enchanted lyre]],<br />[[Music cape]]
|guild = None
|race = [[Fremennik]]s
|altar = 0
|map = [[File:Rellekka map.png|250px]]
|location = Rellekka
|north = Miscellania
|west = Waterbirth Island
|south = Sinclair Mansion
|east = Mountain Camp
'''Rellekka''' is a city in northern [[Gielinor]]. All of its features can be used by players who have completed [[The Fremennik Trials]].
Rellekka is well known as the capital of the [[Fremennik Province]] and is popular amongst many players for its many skill training facilities and good location.
Built against the sea, Rellekka, when coupled with the rest of the Fremennik Province, is an amazing place to train a variety of skills. Its large port allows for quick access to many islands, and the nearby dwarven capital of [[Keldagrim]] greatly fuels the city's industry. Rellekka's close proximity to areas, such as the [[Brine Rat Cavern]], the [[Slayer Dungeon]], and the [[Trollweiss hunter area]], makes it very popular amongst some players. It is used by some players on such a regular basis that they build their [[Player-owned house|houses]] in the village.
Rellekka's remote location makes it a very tedious city to access. There is a large variety of ways to reach Rellekka, some more effective than others.
The most commonly used way of reaching Rellekka is to begin in [[Seers' Village]]. From there, go north until you reach the gates of [[Sinclair Mansion]]. Turn west along the pathway and follow it until you reach a river with a wolf nearby. Cross the bridge and continue to follow the path north. You should find yourself at Rellekka's gates. This is usually used by players visiting Rellekka for their first time.
Perhaps the fastest way to reach Rellekka is to build your player-owned house here. The house portal is located just outside the village gates, and, when teleported to, puts players right next to the city. To do this, you must have 30 [[Construction]] and 40 [[Magic]] (if you wish to teleport there).
Players who have unlocked the [[Lunar spells]] will find the lunar teleports extremely useful when they wish to access Rellekka. There are several teleports that bring the user near Rellekka, such as the [[Lunar Isle]], [[Waterbirth Island]], and [[Barbarian Outpost]] spells, as well as the [[Lunar Home Teleport]] spell. If one teleports to Lunar Isle, they need only talk to one of the [[Non-player character|NPCs]] in the area. If they do, they will be instantly teleported near the Rellekkan marketplace, provided they do not have a seal of passage equipped or in their [[inventory]].
Yet another option is the [[enchanted lyre]], which is acquired during [[The Fremennik Trials]] quest. When charged, it will teleport the player to Rellekka's entrance. To charge the lyre, one must make an offering at the Fossigrimen's Altar south of the village. Offering a [[raw shark]] will give two charges; a [[raw manta ray]] will give three charges, and a [[raw sea turtle]] will give four charges. Additionally, if you have a [[Ring of charos (a)]], you can offer a [[raw bass]] for two charges.
If you have completed the [[Eagles' Peak]] quest, you can use the [[Eagle transport system]] to access the nearby icy hunter area from several locations.
If a player has 83 [[Farming]], they will be able to plant a [[Spirit tree]] on [[Etceteria]], which is a quick boat ride away.
The nearby dwarven city, [[Keldagrim]], also hosts several transportation options that can be somewhat helpful in reaching the city. The [[mine cart]] network allows players to travel from Keldagrim to [[White Wolf Mountain]] and the [[Dwarven Mine]], and vice-versa. When paired with the house portal in [[Taverley]], this can be very effective. The [[Dorgesh-Kaan - Keldagrim Train System]] also allows players to travel to and from Keldagrim and [[Dorgesh-Kaan]] for free, provided they have completed [[Another Slice of H.A.M.]] These options can be useful in certain situations.
Another, seldom used method is to use the [[games necklace]] to teleport to the [[Barbarian Outpost]], and, from there, walk to Rellekka. You must start [[Horror from the Deep]] and at least partially fix the bridge.
Yet another way of reaching Rellekka is by using the pathway that leads from [[Death Plateau (location)|Death Plateau]] to the area near the [[Golden Apple Tree]]. This path is somewhat confusing and requires completion of [[Death Plateau]] as well as [[climbing boots]]. It is generally not an effective method, but it can sometimes be convenient.
Finally, there are the [[fairy ring]]s. There are four in the area: one on [[Miscellania]], one near Keldagrim, one near the [[Fremennik Slayer Dungeon]], and one near [[Sinclair Mansion]]. The one near the Slayer Dungeon ({{Fairycode|ajr}}), in particular, makes getting to Rellekka extremely easy.
==Notable features==
The marketplace is perhaps the most important part of Rellekka. It is a well-known thieving spot and is frequently visited by hunters and fishermen.
In the marketplace are many [[thieving]] spots, including three [[fish stalls]] and two [[Fremennik Fur Trader|fur stalls]]. There is also a Fremennik wandering around that can be pickpocketed. It is not so easy to steal from the stalls, though, as they are heavily guarded by Rellekka's [[market guard]]s. Also, [[Sigmund the Merchant]] sells a variety of goods in a general store-like shop, which many do not know about, as it is not shown on the world map.
===The port===
Rellekka, being built next to the sea, is a thriving port town. Ships travel to and from Rellekka regularly. From Rellekka it is possible to travel to:
*[[Miscellania]] and [[Etceteria]] - Only accessible after completion of [[The Fremennik Trials]]. Points of interest include the bank, castle marketplaces, underground shops, and the Manage Your Kingdom mini-game.
*[[Lunar Isle]] - Requires part of [[Lunar Diplomacy]]. To go here, you must first travel to the Pirate's Cove. Points of interest include the bank, [[Astral altar]], gem mines, and [[flax]] fields.
*[[Pirate's Cove]] - Requires part of Lunar Diplomacy. Points of interest include [[swamp tar]] respawns and [[moss giant]]s.
*[[Waterbirth Island]] - Points of interest include [[snape grass]] respawns, [[rock crab]]s, and [[Waterbirth Dungeon]].
*[[The Fremennik Isles]] - Also known as [[Neitiznot]] and [[Jatizso]]. Jatizso requires a small amount of the [[Fremennik Isles]] quest, while Neitiznot requires a little more. The quest is started on the docks. Points of interest include [[yak]]s, the [[spinning wheel]], [[Jatizso Mines]], [[ice troll]]s, anvils, two banks, a tannery, several shops, a furnace, range, and water source.
*[[Iceberg]] - Although technically not part of Rellekka's port, the small boat east of Rellekka will take players to the Penguin Outpost, home to the [[Penguin agility course]].
Apart from all of this, there are also dozens of fishing spots on the docks.
Rellekka is home to three quests: [[The Fremennik Trials]], [[The Fremennik Isles]], and [[Lunar Diplomacy]]. The Fremennik Trials begins in the Main Hall of Rellekka, and Lunar Diplomacy begins in the westernmost deck of the town. The Fremennik Isles begins on the northeastern most dock.
==Skill training==
There is a firepit in the main lodge that never dies out. Players can buy or sell fish to the fish monger in Rellekka. There is also a [[dairy cow]] and churn to make milk into dairy products like [[butter]], [[cream]], or [[cheese]]. There is also a small farm where players can pick [[cabbage]], [[onion]]s, and [[potato]]es for [[cooking]].
The marketplace of Rellekka is an excellent place to [[Thieving|thieve]]. There are three [[fish stalls]] and two [[Fremennik Fur Trader|fur stalls]], guarded only by the level 48 [[market guard]]s, which patrol the area. There are also many people which can be pickpocketed, and several chests with loot such as [[nature runes]], [[coins]], and [[steel arrowheads]].
The docks in Rellekka are teeming with fish. In fact, Rellekka has one of the largest varieties of [[fishing spots]] in all of ''RuneScape''. Within Rellekka, it is possible to catch [[shrimp]], [[sardine]]s, [[herring]], [[anchovies]], [[mackerel]], [[trout]], [[cod]], [[tuna]], [[lobster]], [[bass]], [[swordfish]], and [[shark]]. While [[big net]] [[fishing]], it is also possible to get [[seaweed]] (useful in [[Crafting]]), [[leather boots]], [[leather gloves]], and [[casket]]s. To support all of these facilities, there is a fish trader who will buy and sell raw fish, as well as fishing supplies such as bait.
The mine north-east of the longhall contains several [[clay rock]]s. By using the well and pottery features west of the marketplace, it is possible to craft any clay item within Rellekka. If you build your [[house]] there, you can also craft [[Magic tablet|tele-tablets]] here.
For those not interested in pottery, it is also possible to craft glass without ever leaving the area. By [[big net]] [[fishing]], it is possible to gather [[seaweed]]. Even faster, though, is the method, which involves the north-eastern beach. North-east of the village is a large beach swarming with [[rock crab]]s (which drop seaweed), as well as many seaweed respawns. There is a sandpit and furnace in Rellekka.
In addition, there is also a [[flax]] field just south of the village. The [[spinning wheel]] in Rellekka allows players to make [[bowstring]] without leaving the village.
===Mining and Smithing===
To the north-east of the Main Hall of Rellekka, there is a [[mining]] area containing seven [[coal]], four [[clay]], and three [[silver rock]]s though this spot is not recommended due to the lack of a nearby bank. However, there are a [[furnace]] and an [[anvil]] just on the other side of town, in the south-west corner. When paired with the expansive [[Jatizso mine|mine]] on [[Jatizso]], this area can be used effectively. It can only be accessed once you are a Fremennik.
The nearby [[Trollweiss Hunter area]] hosts a large variety of creatures to capture and is one of the largest hunter spots in ''RuneScape''. In Rellekka, there is a fur merchant who will buy all hunter fur. There also seems to be a large amount of [[implings]] in the area, particularly on the path to the south of the city.
Players with level 30 or higher [[Construction]] may move their [[house]] to Rellekka by talking to one of the [[estate agent]]s in [[Varrock]], [[Seers' Village]], [[East Ardougne]], or [[Falador]]. The nearby [[clay]] mine, [[oak tree]]s, and [[regular tree]]s are excellent for gathering building materials. The nearby [[Stonemason]] in [[Keldagrim]] also is extremely helpful when building more high-levelled furniture.
*[[Brundt the Chieftain]] - Chieftain of the [[Fremennik]] tribe. He is very knowledgeable about their history and will prove an interesting person to talk to. He plays a key role in many local quests.
*[[Olaf the Bard]] - A loyal bard of the Fremenniks, he brings music to the village longhall. He knows the secret of the Fremennik [[lyre]].
*[[Thora the Barkeep]] - The barmaid of the longhall. She once travelled the world, inventing many exotic drinks. One, in particular, was said to be irresistible. Now, she is content with serving drunken warriors and refuses to recreate her legendary brew.
*[[Jarvald]] - A mighty Fremennik huntsman. He will take players to [[Waterbirth Island]], the home of the mighty [[Dagannoth Kings]].
*[[Askelladden]] - A young boy who dreams of becoming a Fremennik warrior one day. He also will give you a [[pet rock]] if you have reached a certain point in [[The Fremennik Trials]].
*[[Manni the Reveller]] - A warrior who spends most of his time drinking in the longhall. He is said to be unbeatable in a drinking contest.
*[[Sigmund the Merchant]] - A merchant who sells his wares in the marketplace.
*[[Skulgrimen]] - He sells [[Fremennik helmets]] as well as [[warhammer]]s. He can also help you make [[Rock-shell armour]].
*[[Peer the Seer]] - A seer who can see the future. If spoken to, he will give you a vague hint of what the future may hold for you. He can also help you make [[Skeletal armour]].
*[[Sigli the Huntsman]] - A hunter who seeks to slay [[The Draugen]]. He can help you make [[Spined armour]].
*[[Volf Olafson]] - A young boy who awaits his father, [[Olaf Hradson]]'s, return.
*[[Dron]] - A paranoid Fremennik who talks in riddles.
*[[Blanin]] - Dron's brother.
*[[Ingrid Hradson]] - Olaf Hradson's wife.
*[[Swensen the Navigator]] - The Fremennik's greatest navigator. His name consists entirely of compass points.
*[[Yrsa]] - Yrsa sells a large variety of clothing and will also change your default boots.
*[[Sailor]] - The unnamed sailor will take you to [[Miscellania]] and [[Etceteria]].
*[[Maria Gunnars]] - She will ferry players to [[Neitiznot]]. She is Mord Gunnars' wife.
*[[Mord Gunnars]] - He will take players to [[Jatizso]]. He is Maria Gunnars' husband.
*[[Lokar Searunner]] - A pirate. He is the starting point of [[Lunar Diplomacy]] and will take players to the [[Pirate's Cove]] if they have a [[seal of passage]]. To reach Lunar Isle without teleporting requires players to first go to Pirate's Cove.
==Item spawns==
*[[Beer]] - A glass of beer respawns in the longhall.
*[[Tankard]] - An empty mug respawns near the beer in the longhall.
*[[Keg of beer]] - This item cannot be picked up, as [[Manni]] will yell at you when you try.
*[[Bucket of milk]] - Respawns in a small hut on the eastern side of town.
*[[Iron pickaxe]] - Respawns on the beach, amongst the [[rock crab]]s and [[hobgoblin]]s.
*[[Bronze axe]] - Respawns on the beach, amongst the rock crabs and hobgoblins.
*[[Bones]] - Respawn on the beach, amongst the rock crabs.
*[[Knife]] - Respawns on the beach, amongst the rock crabs.
*[[Nature rune]]s - Two sets of two runes respawn near the beach on a small island. They can only be obtained through the use of the [[Telekinetic Grab]] spell.
*[[Sapphire]] - A cut sapphire respawns near the nature runes on another small island. Like the nature runes, this can only be obtained by using Telegrab.
*[[Rellekka (music track)|Rellekka]]
{{The Fremennik Isles}}
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