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The Rellekka Hunter area, outlined in a red box, shown on the RuneScape map.

Location on World Map
Etceteria Rellekka Hunter area Trollweiss Mountain

The Rellekka Hunter area is one of several Hunter training areas. It is located north-east of Rellekka, near the entrance to the dwarven city of Keldagrim.

In the hunter area is a large variety of creatures, which players can hunt using several different methods. In this hunting area, it is possible to catch Snowy knights, sapphire glacialis, polar kebbits, cerulean twitches, sabre-toothed kebbits, and sabre-toothed kyatts. This area is generally used more often by low-level hunters, but the variety of monsters offers something for hunters of all levels.


Several fairy rings can be found nearby, although the closest is near the Keldagrim entrance and can be reached from Zanaris using the combination DKS.

The eagle transport system, which connects to the Eagles' Peak Dungeon can also be accessed by using a rope on the polar eagle in the cave hidden on the area's east side. The Eagles' Peak quest must be completed prior to its use, however.

Players can also move their POH to Rellekka (requiring level 30 Construction and 10,000 coins) and by using Teleport to House spell or tablet; they just have to head north-east passing through the mine and head north. Player can also do this by using the enchanted lyre, which has the ability to teleport to Rellekka.