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Restore Potion can be made by mixing Harralander into a vial of water and then adding red spiders' eggs. This requires level 22 Herblore, and grants 62.5 experience.


Restores DefenceAttackStrengthMagic and Ranged when the level in one of these skills has been temporarily reduced. It restores each stat by 10 + 30% of the user's level in that stat, and will always restore between 10 and 39 points, unless that would put the user's stat higher than their level in that skill.

This potion will not restore prayer, unlike its super counterpart.

Price per dose

Item Price per dose
Restore potion(1).png Restore potion(1) 35
Restore potion(2).png Restore potion(2) 34
Restore potion(3).png Restore potion(3) 24
Restore potion(4).png Restore potion(4) 27