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{{Infobox spell
#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
|name = Resurrect Crops
|image = [[File:Resurrect Crops icon.png]]
|level = {{Skill clickpic|Magic}} 78
|cost = {{RuneReq|Soul=8|Nature=12|Blood=8|Earth=25}}
|spellbook = Arceuus
|type = Skilling
|exp = 90
|quest = None
|anim = Resurrect Crops.gif
|animresize = 250px
'''Resurrect Crops''' requires a [[magic]] level of 78 to cast. This spell gives the caster a chance to bring a dead farming patch back to life.
If cast successfully, the patch will return to life and resume growing. If the spell fails, the patch is automatically cleared. Note that if the resurrected patch dies once more, it cannot be resurrected again.
The chance of the spell succeeding is dependent on a player's magic level, with a 50% chance at 78 Magic, scaling to a 75% chance at 99 Magic. This chance '''does not''' scale when [[boost]]ed beyond 99.
In order to cast this spell, players must have earned at least 60% favour with the [[Arceuus House]] to unlock the [[Arceuus spellbook]].
This spell is useful in farm runs. Since the Arceuus spellbook isn't the best option for them, it is recommended to access it via [[Spellbook Swap]] from the Lunar spellbook. The spell is relatively expensive to cast, so it is not recommended to use it on cheap seeds.
{{Spell cost table
|Rune1 = soul
|Rune1num = 8
|Rune2 = nature
|Rune2num = 12
|Rune3 = blood
|Rune3num = 8
|Rune4 = earth
|Rune4num = 25
{{Arceuus spellbook}}

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