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A reward casket (hard) is received after completing the final clue of a hard clue scroll trail, and contains the final reward for the trail.


As well as unique Treasure Trails rewards, players may also receive a variety of items such as rune armour and weapons, black d'hide armour, magic shortbows and longbows, law and nature runes, and food items such as noted sharks and lobster.

Image Name
Rune full helm (t).png Rune platebody (t).png Rune platelegs (t).png Rune plateskirt (t).png Rune kiteshield (t).png Rune trimmed armour
Rune full helm (g).png Rune platebody (g).png Rune platelegs (g).png Rune plateskirt (g).png Rune kiteshield (g).png Rune gold-trimmed armour
Guthix full helm.png Guthix platebody.png Guthix platelegs.png Guthix plateskirt.png Guthix kiteshield.png Guthix rune armour
Saradomin full helm.png Saradomin platebody.png Saradomin platelegs.png Saradomin plateskirt.png Saradomin kiteshield.png Saradomin rune armour
Zamorak full helm.png Zamorak platebody.png Zamorak platelegs.png Zamorak plateskirt.png Zamorak kiteshield.png Zamorak rune armour
Ancient full helm.png Ancient platebody.png Ancient platelegs.png Ancient plateskirt.png Ancient kiteshield.png Ancient rune armour
Bandos full helm.png Bandos platebody.png Bandos platelegs.png Bandos plateskirt.png Bandos kiteshield.png Bandos rune armour
Armadyl full helm.png Armadyl platebody.png Armadyl platelegs.png Armadyl plateskirt.png Armadyl kiteshield.png Armadyl rune armour
Gilded full helm.png Gilded platebody.png Gilded platelegs.png Gilded plateskirt.png Gilded kiteshield.png
Gilded med helm.png Gilded chainbody.png Gilded sq shield.png Gilded 2h sword.png Gilded spear.png Gilded hasta.png
Gilded armour
Rune helm (h1).png Rune helm (h2).png Rune helm (h3).png Rune helm (h4).png Rune helm (h5).png
Rune shield (h1).png Rune shield (h2).png Rune shield (h3).png Rune shield (h4).png Rune shield (h5).png
Rune heraldic armour (H1 to H5)
Blue d'hide body (t).png Blue d'hide chaps (t).png Blue d'hide trimmed armour
Blue d'hide body (g).png Blue d'hide chaps (g).png Blue d'hide gold-trimmed armour
Red d'hide body (t).png Red d'hide chaps (t).png Red d'hide trimmed armour
Red d'hide body (g).png Red d'hide chaps (g).png Red d'hide gold-trimmed armour
Enchanted hat.png Enchanted top.png Enchanted robe.png Enchanted robes
Robin hood hat.png Robin hood hat
Tan cavalier.png Dark cavalier.png Black cavalier.png White cavalier.png Red cavalier.png Navy cavalier.png Cavaliers
Pirate's hat.png Pirate's hat
3rd age full helmet.png 3rd age platebody.png 3rd age platelegs.png 3rd age kiteshield.png 3rd age melee equipment
3rd age range coif.png 3rd age range top.png 3rd age range legs.png 3rd age vambraces.png 3rd age range equipment
3rd age mage hat.png 3rd age robe top.png 3rd age robe.png 3rd age amulet.png 3rd age mage equipment
Amulet of glory (t).png Amulet of glory (t)
Guthix coif.png Guthix dragonhide.png Guthix chaps.png Guthix bracers.png Guthix blessed d'hide armour
Saradomin coif.png Saradomin d'hide.png Saradomin chaps.png Saradomin bracers.png Saradomin blessed d'hide armour
Zamorak coif.png Zamorak d'hide.png Zamorak chaps.png Zamorak bracers.png Zamorak blessed d'hide armour
Armadyl coif.png Armadyl d'hide.png Armadyl chaps.png Armadyl bracers.png Armadyl blessed d'hide armour
Ancient coif.png Ancient d'hide.png Ancient chaps.png Ancient bracers.png Ancient blessed d'hide armour
Bandos coif.png Bandos d'hide.png Bandos chaps.png Bandos bracers.png Bandos blessed d'hide armour
Saradomin d'hide boots.png Bandos d'hide boots.png Armadyl d'hide boots.png Guthix d'hide boots.png Zamorak d'hide boots.png Ancient d'hide boots.png Blessed boots
Guthix stole.png Guthix crozier.png Saradomin stole.png Saradomin crozier.png Zamorak stole.png Zamorak crozier.png Vestment stoles and croziers (Guthix, Saradomin, and Zamorak)
Green dragon mask.png Blue dragon mask.png Red dragon mask.png Black dragon mask.png Chromatic dragon masks
Pith helmet.png Pith helmet
Explorer backpack.png Explorer backpack
Rune cane.png Rune cane
Zombie head (Treasure Trails).png Zombie head
Cyclops head.png Cyclops head
Nunchaku.png Nunchaku
Dragon boots ornament kit.png Dragon boots ornament kit
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