Right eye patch detail
Right eye patch chathead

A right eye patch is an item commonly worn by pirates, and can be obtained as a drop from them. An eye patch can be bought from the Fancy Dress Shop or Trader Stan's Trading Post. When equipped, the eye patch takes place in the head slot, which means players may not wear a helmet or any other headgear at the same time.

Players who have completed Cabin Fever, and have a book o' piracy in their inventory, can pay Patchy 500 coins to sew together an eye patch and pirate bandana to create a bandana eyepatch. Players can also bring Patchy an eye patch and pirate's hat, to create a hat eyepatch, or a big pirate hat and eye patch to create a pirate hat & patch.

It is one of the possible items that the rowdy dwarf may ask players to bring him during the Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf quest.

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