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Normal As Alvis

Riki the sculptor's model chathead.png

Riki is the model of Blasidar the Sculptor. He features in The Giant Dwarf, helping Blasidar reconstruct the fallen statue on the River Kelda. He can be found in a medium sized house on the east side of Keldagrim, directly east the Consortium's Palace.

After the statue of King Alvis was destroyed in a boat crash during The Giant Dwarf, Blasidar volunteers to help rebuild the statue with the help of an adventurer. After the necessary items are gathered to resemble the statue, Riki dresses himself, and from there the statue is rebuilt.

Treasure Trails

Riki is the solution to the hard anagram clue: HE DO POSE. IT IS CULTRRL, MK?. He will ask you to solve a puzzle box.