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A ring of recoil is a ring made by a sapphire ring used with Lvl-1 Enchant. If worn, 10% of the damage received by the player will be received by the attacker, this will apply on monsters and other players. The damage is always rounded up to the nearest point if the damage is fractional, so it will always deal at least 1 damage when you are hit. The ring does not last forever, as it will deal up to 40 hitpoints of damage before it shatters.

To check the damage points left in the ring, it must be equipped, and you can operate it in the Worn Equipment interface. The amount of damage a ring can deal is recorded for each character, not each ring. This means that a newly equipped ring will have the same amount of charges remaining as any other ring, instead of the full 40. To get a ring to have 40 charges, fully use a ring until it shatters or right click and break it when it is not equipped. The next ring equipped will have 40 charges.

Many players, especially skill pures, use this ring as they find it useful on quests and other combat-involved activities. In fact, the ring of recoil will usually result in more damage than the much more expensive berserker ring, especially with lower strength and defence levels. The ring of recoil is especially useful against opponents with high attack speeds and low damage.

When under attack from multiple opponents, the ring will recoil any damage taken to a random attacker. As a result, it is possible for one attacker to receive multiple hits of recoil damage at the same time. However, as of 2 July 2015, recoil damage will now always target the NPC that caused the initial damage, rather than the most recent NPC who dealt damage.

Players who wear a ring of recoil, Dharok's armour set, an amulet of the damned, and have Vengeance activated may rebound 100% of damage taken from a hit onto their opponent. Such a case may prove itself extremely effective in PvP situations.