Rising Sun Inn Sign

The Rising Sun Inn can be found on the west end of Falador, across from the bank. The bar is run by three barmaids: Kaylee, Emily, and Tina. All three barmaids will sell any player a wizard's mind bomb, dwarven stout, or Asgarnian ale. This bar does not sell ordinary beer. It does, however, offer the unusual service of buying back (noted or unnoted) empty beer glasses for 2 coins each.

This bar is also a stop on the miniquest, Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl, and is involved in the quest Recipe for Disaster. It is also the place where many players attain a wizard's mind bomb for the Dragon Slayer quest. On the top floor of the bar you can find Tina and a drunken man, who has some mildly amusing dialogue.

Kaylee and Tina both have brown hair, while Emily's hair is blonde, and all three barmaids wear the same apron with an image of the tavern's logo. The dialogue between each of them is the same as well.


  • The sun rises in the east in real life, which happens to be viewable from the balcony of the top floor of the inn, appropriately living up to its name.
  • The name of the tavern may be reference to the folk song The House of the Rising Sun most famously performed by the British band the Animals.
  • If viewed from the right angle, it is possible to see the interior of the top floor's ceiling, and the bricks are as they used to appear before Falador received its white appearance.
    Rising Sun Banner

    The banner hanging behind the bar.


    The ceiling of the Rising Sun Inn with the grey bricks which used to make up Falador.