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Keldagrim, the dwarven capital. The River Kelda is the river that flows through the city.

The statue of King Alvis.

The River Kelda is a large underground river that flows through the dwarven capital city of Keldagrim. It runs from north to south. It is the shortest river in Gielinor.

The River Kelda effectively divides the city in two. While the west side is wealthy and orderly, the east side is poor and crime-infested. Further south, the River Kelda flows through one of the dwarves' massive mines. Many tributaries meet here, adding to the Kelda River's immense size. Taking advantage of this, the dwarves have built a large number of steam-powered ferries which aid in transporting miners, ore, machinery, and travellers to and from the city.

Built on the Kelda is a statue of King Alvis, a dwarven king that ruled Keldagrim nearly 500 years ago. Because he founded the Consortium, which now governs the city, he is highly celebrated amongst the dwarves. However, the statue is destroyed during the start of The Giant Dwarf quest.

Interestingly, there are no fish in the river. This is because, over time, snow on top of Trollweiss Mountain has slowly been pushed downwards into the ground, until eventually it has been melted by previously unknown volcanic activity. Much of the melted snow eventually drips down through the ceiling of the caverns beneath the mountain and collects to form the River Kelda.

Exactly where the river starts and ends is unknown. Because Keldagrim is built in a large underground cavern, what lies beyond its borders is a mystery.