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{{Infobox non-player character
|name = Robert The Strong
|image = [[File:Robert the strong.png|120px]]
|release = 26 September [[2005]]
|update = A Tail of Two Cats
|members = Yes
|race = [[Human]]
|quest = [[A Tail of Two Cats]]
|location = Cutscene during [[A Tail of Two Cats]]
|shop = No
|features = Famous warrior who defeated the [[Dragonkin]]
|gender = Male
|examine = A battle hardened hero.
|map = No
|name = Robert the Strong
|image = [[File:Robert the strong.png|120px]]
|release = 4 January [[2018]]
|update = Dragon Slayer II
|members = Yes
|combat = 194
|always drops = Nothing
|examine = A battle hardened hero.
|hitpoints = 280
|aggressive = Yes
|poisonous = No
|max hit = 34 (Ranged), 50+ (Special)
|weakness = Crush
|attack style = [[Ranged]]
|slaylvl = No
|att = 0
|str = 0
|def = 140
|range = 328
|mage = 128
|astab = 0
|aslash = 0
|acrush = 0
|amagic = 0
|arange = 126
|dstab = 140
|dslash = 180
|dcrush = 60
|dmagic = 940
|drange = 860
|strbns = 0
|rngbns = 0
|attbns = 0
|immunepoison = Immune
|immunevenom = Immune
|attack speed = 6
|text2=Dragon Slayer II}}
[[File:Robert the Strong chathead.png|left]]
'''Robert the Strong''' was a famous hero who battled against the [[Dragonkin]] in the [[Fourth Age]] during the [[Dragonkin Conflicts]] and forced them into hiding.
He is significantly taller than an ordinary [[human]] and appears to be wearing armour resembling [[rock-shell armour]], and wields a unique [[bow]] which resembles an [[ogre bow]].
== A Tail of Two Cats ==
During a cutscene, Robert is seen slaying one of the Dragonkin in their castle after it kills his pet panther, [[Odysseus]]. The quest also reveals that [[Bob the Cat]] is the reincarnation of Robert the Strong.
== Dragon Slayer II ==
To help Bob the Cat remember his previous life as Robert the Strong, the player is tasked with defeating the latter after entering the cat's mind. His damage is only partially reduced by [[Protect from Missiles]].
He is then seen without his helmet during a cutscene. Here, it is revealed what Robert did with the key pieces the player is required to find.
*Robert the Strong's Strong Arrow special attack is a nod to [[w:runescape:Nomad|Nomad]]'s Soul Blast during [[w:runescape:Nomad's Requiem|Nomad's Requiem]] in ''[[w:runescape:RuneScape 3|RuneScape 3]]''. His mannerisms also pay homage to Nomad.
*The name Robert the Strong could be a reference to the character Ser Robert Strong from George R.R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Aside from the similar name, both characters are extraordinarily tall.
{{A Tail of Two Cats}}
{{Dragon Slayer II}}
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