NPC Dragon Slayer II

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Robert the Strong was a famous hero during the Fourth Age who battled against the Dragonkin and forced them into hiding. During A Tail of Two Cats, a cutscene shows Robert slaying one of the Dragonkin in their castle after it kills his pet panther, Odysseus. The quest also shows that Bob the Cat is the reincarnation of Robert the Strong.

He is significantly taller than an ordinary human and appears to be wearing armour that resembles third-age melee armour, as well as an unknown bow which looks similar to an ogre bow.

In Dragon Slayer II, Robert is seen without his helmet during a cutscene. The player is later tasked with defeating him while in Bob's mind.


  • Robert the Strong's Strong Arrow special attack is a nod to Nomad's Soul Blast during Nomad's Requiem in RuneScape 3. His mannerisms also pay homage to Nomad.
  • His name is likely a reference to "Robert Strong" in the "A Song of Ice And Fire" book series.

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